Protect your crypto assets before it's too late

Look for the green shield when visiting verified crypto sites.
Block all known phishing sites, pages and social media accounts.

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Cryptonite is a good example of a product powered by the MetaCert Protocol

You'll know the site you're on is not a phishing website because it will have a comforting green-shield symbol on the toolbar, a visual cue that the website you're using is safe.

This green shield means the website, crypto wallet, or social media account you're visiting has been verified by MetaCert. Remember to tell your friends to get protected.

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Scam warning preview

Immediate protection against phishing scams

In addition to giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the the shield is green on a verified crypto site, Cryptonite will also show you a warning page if you visit a known phishing site or fake social media account.

Phishing warning preview

Remember to turn off the reminder!

Don't rely on the reminder banner. It's only there to tell you to always look for the green shield.

A bad site could potentially mimic this banner, but they can't mimic the shield.