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Token Purchase Limits for the Beta Program

Minimum purchase is
0.01 ETH
Maximum purchase is
50 ETH

The MetaCert Protocol Beta Program

As a Cryptonite user, you are invited to participate in the MetaCert Protocol Beta Program. If you join on or before November 30th 2018 we will give you a 16.67% discount AND an additional 60% bonus. If you join between November 30th and December 30th the bonus will be reduced to 50%, and Beta participants who join after December 30th will receive a 25% bonus, right up to the end of the program - end of Q2 2019.

All you need to participate is a minimum of 0.01 ETH.

About The Beta Program

MetaCert Tokens will be issued at the end of the Public Token sale - end of Q2 2019. Join now and we will send you a unique link to where you can register and buy tokens. We have chosen to postpone the public sale until the end of Q2 2019 to take advantage of what we anticipate to be improved market conditions, and more importantly, to allow us to support our existing customers, partners and end-users while building new tools that protect more people from fraud / phishing scams.

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Why You Must Buy Tokens to Participate

The entire project involves moving the world’s biggest cyber threat intelligence system onto the blockchain, so we can decentralize the decision making process behind determining what websites, social media accounts, and wallet addresses can be considered trustworthy or malicious. The only way to crowdsource submissions and validations is to tokenize the economy. By introducing a Token, we incentivize and reward people to play nicely and not submit or validate links with malicious intent.

We are already protecting over 1 million people in crypto - that’s more than all other security companies combined. In addition we have more than 20 companies integrating MetaCert Protocol - including exchanges and wallets.

Beta Program Benefits

Early Access

Learn and become a Submitter or Validator of links

Ongoing Bonus Token Reward

Receive 10% more Tokens for submissions and validations for 12 months after the Protocol is live

Build Your Reputation

Start building your reputation rating in the Protocol before it goes live to the general public

Feedbacks and Report
Send Feedback, Report Bugs

Provide valuable feedback and submit bug reports to help us make improvements

Testing features
Test New Features

Help test the Dispute Process Mechanism before it gets deployed

MetaCert Protocol Schwag

Get limited edition schwag that won’t be available to anyone outside the Beta Program

Beta Program Events
Beta Program Events

Have the opportunity to host or attend special Beta Program meetups and events to be announced soon

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How to Join MetaCert Protocol Beta Program

1. Click on the Cryptonite Shield

Cryptonite Shield in Browser Toolbar Cryptonite Shield

2. Select "Beta Program" from the Menu

Select Beta Program from Menu

3. Enter Email Address To Receive Invitation

Enter email address

4. Check Your Email for the Invitation Link

Click on the link in the invitation email

5. Look For the Green Cryptonite Shield Cryptonite shield on the Platform Website

Look for the Cryptonite shield Cryptonite Shield

Join the Beta Program now!

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